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Scrambled Thanksgiving

by Michael Oksa

Thanksgiving is almost here. Here are a few mixed-up words,relating to the holiday, for you to figure out. Some are a little tricky and some fairly easy. The answers are at the bottom of the page, you may have to scroll down to see them. Remember, the number of words in a puzzle does not always match the answer (ignore any punctuation,also). EXAMPLE: ye Kurt = turkey. Eat up and have fun.

1) King van Sight

2) Dear Pa

3) loft a lob

4) run a secrecy bar

5) a cup or coin

6) slim grip

7) I'm a fly

8) wormy leaf

9) O' rancid inn

10) shady rut

11) hot lumpy cork

12) gridness

13) I'm pep-up ink

14) we set paste too

15) chomp Spanish grist


(Gobble gobble!)

1) Thanksgiving

2) parade

3) football

4) cornucopia

5) cranberry sauce

6) pilgrims

7) family

8) Mayflower

9) Indian corn

10) Thursday

11) Plymouth Rock

12) dressing

13) pumpkin pie

14) sweet potatoes

15) Christmas shopping

How did you do? To see how you did, look at the score sheet below. Look for a newly themed puzzle soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

15-13 correct: Excellent, you get dessert!!
12-10 correct: Good, you get a second helping.
9-6 correct : OK but no whipped cream on your pie
5-2 correct : You get to do ALL the dishes.
1-0 correct : Were you thinking about Christmas?


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