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Funschool Craft:
Putting Humpty Together Again

This uses eggshells and imagination to create an unusual mosaic activity for little ones. Plan it around a "Mother Goose" or "Humpty Dumpty" theme.

First, wash and save some egg shells. These could be from hard boiled eggs or eggs shells left over from scrambled or fried eggs ... what have you. Just make sure you wash them well to remove any raw egg or membrane.

Next, break up these egg shells into small ... but not too small ... pieces. You don't want them powdered. The pieces need to be small enough to lay relatively flat, yet large enough for small hands to manipulate.

Draw an egg shape on a piece of paper. Cover the inside of the shape with white glue.

Stick on pieces of egg shell to make a egg-shaped mosaic.

Note: you can use left over Easter egg shells to make an even more colorful mosaic. If it isn't Easter time, you can still color the egg shells and even get in additional lessons by using natural dyes such as:

Tea Dye
Coffee Dye
Mustard Dye
Marigold Dye
Walnut Shell Dye
Beet Dye
Spinach Dye
Purple Cabbage Dye
Blueberry Dye
Grape Juice Dye
Cranberry Dye
Onion Skin Dye

Label the picture: "I Put Humpty Dumpty Together Again!"

The kids think this is just too funny!


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