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George Washington

George Washington was our first US President. He was born February 22, 1732 in Pope’s Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia. His term as president ran from April 30th, 1789 to March 3rd, 1797. Washington died December 14th, 1799.

Political Party: Federalist
Vice President: John Adams
Name of his parents: Augustine and Mary Washington
Wife’s name: Martha Dandridge Custis
Height: 6’ 2”

“George Washington was a fourth generation American. He was raised on the family plantation. He had only seven or eight years of formal education. He was very good in math and became a surveyor by the age of fifteen. He was a leader in the French and Indian War, a gentleman farmer and a state legislator. He became angry about regulations Britain was enforcing and spoke out against them. He participated in the first Continental Congress and was elected Commander in Chief of the second. He led American troops for several years before the British surrendered. Five years after the war, he was president of the Constitutional Convention. Once the Constitution was approved, he was elected president. Words spoken at his funeral sum up how the nation felt about him: ‘First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen..’”

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Timeline of events during the years of Washington’s life:

1732 (Feb. 22) Born at Wakefield on Pope’s Creek Farm in Westmoreland County, Virginia

1747 Became a surveyor after leaving school at fourteen or fifteen

1753 Took oath as major in Virginia militia
1753-54 Carried message to French in western Pennsylvania warning them to leave Ohio valley

1754 (July 4) Forced to surrender Fort Necessity to French forces

1754-58 Fought in French and Indian War, rising to rank of colonel in command of Virginia militia

1759 (January 6) Married Martha Dandridge Custis

1759-1774 Member of Virginia House of Burgesses

1770 Justice of the Peace of Fairfax County, Virginia

1774-75 Member of Virginia’s delegation to First and Second Continental Congresses

1775-83 Commander of Continental Army throughout Revolutionary War

1787 President of Constitutional Convention that drew up Constitution of the US

1789-97 First President of the United States of America

1798 (July 4) Commissioned lieutenant general and commander in chief of the US Army when war threatened France

1799 (December 14) Died at Mount Vernon, Virginia

Important dates of his administration:

1789 -Congress created the Departments of State, Treasury, and War and created the offices of Attorney General and Postmaster General
-(June 1) Signed the first act concerning the administration of oaths
-(Sept. 24) the Judiciary Act was passed creating the Supreme Court, John Jay was appointed first Chief Justice
-(Nov. 21) North Carolina became the 12th State admitted to the Union

1790 Feb. 1, the Supreme Court held its first session
-(Mar 1) the first national census was conducted to determine taxation and congressional representation of the states
-(May 29) Rhode Island becomes the 13th state admitted to the Union
-A site along the Potomac River was approved by Congress as the permanent Capital, later named Washington, DC

-The President’s cabinet held its first meeting
-Alexander Hamilton, Sec. of the Treasury, proposed a nation economic plan which led to the creation of the first national bank to handle government finances
-(Mar. 4) Vermont became the 14th state admitted to the Union
-(Dec. 15) Congress passed the Bill of Rights

-Political parties began to develop in the US-Federalists and Democratic-Republicans
-Congress established a national mint
-(Jun 1) Kentucky became the 15th state admitted to the Union
-Elected to a second term

-Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin
-Begins second term
-(Apr 22) issued the Proclamation of Neutrality, keeping the US out of the Nepolionic Wars
-Edmont Genet, a French Minister, was relieved of his duty for violating the Proclamation of Neutrality
-(Sept. 18) Washington laid the cornerstone of the US Capitol in Washington, DC

-Major General Anthony Wayne defeated a band of 2,000 Indians at Fallen Timbers Indians then surrender Ohio Valley
-Whiskey Rebellion, US troops show the strength of the Central Government


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