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A Blessed Christmas: Day One

(Originally written as "The Symbols of Christmas" by Karen Caroe -- now adapted and expanded by Kathryn Martinez.)


Every year from December 1 - January 6, we do a unit study about Christmas. This is one of the many we have done. This unit study is about the Symbols of Christmas. Every Christmas symbol ought to point to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our entire focus for this season is on Christ, His character, our service to Him, and our opportunity to spread His light to others.


The symbols and activites that are shared each day are the ones that we use, the scripture we study and the activities we do. You don't have to do them in any particular order. I change them around to accommodate our schedules and each Sunday of Advent, etc.


Celebrate With Joy by Sondra Burnett (1992)

It is my sincere prayer that this unit study will minister to your family in a special way this year. Perhaps giving you new ideas for traditions or allowing you to see the symbols of Christmas in a new light. I pray you all have a blessed and spirit-filled Christmas. God Bless You!

THE ADVENT WREATH--The circle of the wreath reminds us of God's eternal love for us. The 4 candles on the wreath are for each Sunday before Christmas. The center candle is for Christ and is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. We do both. The lighting of the candles each week causes the light to grow brighter as the birth of Christ approaches.

Bible: Luke 2:19

Discuss the need for a quieter, slower season to think about the truths of God's word. Decide--as a family--how you can slow down, focus on Christ, and not get overwhelmed withe the "hustle and bustle"

Do: Make an Advent Wreath. We make ours out of greenery--real or artificial. The green reminds us that Christ lives forever and comes to give us that opportunity for eternal life.

On to DAY TWO.


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