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Making Your Own Toothpaste

This is a fun craft to go along with a unit on denistry or dental hygiene. Its also a frugal activity for making your own toothpaste. A great alternative for people who are sensitive to flouride.

MAKE YOUR OWN TOOTH POWDER: Thoroughly mix 3 parts baking soda (the cleanser and sweetener) with one part salt (the abrasive). You'll find that the creation has a satisfying, different taste and leaves your mouth feeling very fresh and soothed. If you'd like, add a few drops of peppermint or wintergreen oil to the concoction for extra fresh feeling.

MAKE YOUR OWN TOOTHPASTE: To each half cup of homemade tooth powder, add 3 teaspoons of glycerin, 10-20 drops of flavoring (peppermint, wintergreen, anise, cinnamon or whatever) and 1 drop of food coloring. Careful with the food coloring, some food coloring will dye your gums if you use too much. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl and add just enough water to make the concoction "tooth-pastey".

Spoon your mixture into a small refillable plastic squeeze bottle or any container that dispenses easily and won't leak. The amount of glycerin you add will control the "pastiness" of the tooth cleaner and the type of flavoring will determine the taste. Again, watch out for what flavoring you use. Some flavors are stronger than others. What ever flavor you choose, add sparingly until you get the desired taste.

Both ingredients are inexpensive and available at any drugstore and many grocery stores.

Commercial toothpastes generally incorporate a slick, easy flowing combination of chalk, soap, glycerin and flavorings. Your homemade creation won't be as smooth ... but you'll it less wasteful and less expensive.


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