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Civil War Cooking:
Baked Bread Omelet

Doing a unit on the US Civil War? Here is an activity to include. This, and the other recipes in this series, are all authentic to the time period, most being from old cookbooks.


6 oz. stale bread, crusts removed
5 eggs
1/2 oz. parsley
1/4 oz. lemon thyme


Instructions: Soften the bread thoroughly in a dish; with a little boiling water, covering it over, and let it soak for an hour--then mash it up with a fork, picking out the hard pieces, and adding the parsley and lemon thyme, chopped fine with salt and pepper, as seasoning. Beat the eggs well, mix them intimately with the other ingredients, and bake in a buttered dish (buttered cold) for about 40 minutes. Turn it out of the dish, garnished with parsley, and serve with brown sauce.

From The Home Manual, or Economical Cook and House-Book by Elizabeth Nicholson, 1865.


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