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Civil War Cookin': Fondus


Here's the next in the series of activities to go along with a unit on the US Civil War. The recipe comes from an original 1860 cook book.


1 pint water
3-4 tbs. butter
Flour or corn meal
3/4 lb. cheese, grated
6 eggs


Put a pint of water, and a lump of butter the size of an egg, into a sauce pan; stir in as much flour as will make a thick batter, put it on the fire, and stir it continually till it will not stick to the pan; put it in a bowl, add three quarters of a pound of grated cheese, mix it well, then two more until you put in six; when it looks very light, drop it in small lumps on buttered paper, bake it in a quick oven till of a delicate brown; you may use corn meal instead of flour for a change.

From The Virginia Housewife or, Methodical Cook, by Mary Randolph, 1860 edition.


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