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Cooking with Little House:
Hasty Pudding

Ma from "Little House on the Prairie" made Hasty Pudding in the Laura Ingalls Wilder's children's literature series.


Corn or rye meal
Milk or molasses, optional


Boil water, a quart, three pints, or two quarts, according to the size of your family; sift your meal, stir five or six spoonfuls of it thoroughly into a bowl of water; when the water in the kettle boils, pour into it the contents of the bowl; stir it well, and let it boil up thick; put in salt to suit your own taste, then stand over the kettle, and sprinkle in meal, handful after handful, stirring it very thoroughly all the time, and letting it boil between whiles. When it is so thick that you stir it with great difficulty, it is about right. It takes about half an hour's cooking. Eat it with milk or molasses. Either Indian meal or rye meal may be used.

From an old recipe book: "If the system is in a restricted state, nothing can be better than rye hasty pudding and West India molasses. This diet would save many a one the horrors of dyspepsia."

From The American Frugal Housewife by Mrs. Child, 1833.


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