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Civil War Cooking': Molasses Toast


1 pint molasses
3 tbs. butter
Slices of toast

Boil nice West India molasses; remove the scum, and strain it through a hair sieve or thin cloth strainer; let it boil five minutes slowly with a bit of butter to the pint, as large as half an egg. If the toast is dry and hard, dip it quickly in hot water, and then in the molasses; if fresh, in the molasses only; if the molasses has thickened, so that when not boiling the basin is not as full as when put to boil, add sufficient boiling water to make up the deficiency; some molasses thickens rapidly, while other does not. This dish is much better than would be supposed; resembling in taste a buckwheat cake with butter and molasses. The author well remembers enjoying it much when a child.

From Civil War Cooking: The Housekeeper's Encyclopedia by Mrs. E. F. Haskell, 1861.


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