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Science Fun #1: Fingerprints

Yes, fingerprinting is a science. It can be a fun exercise in logical thinking and observation. Below are some activities to investigate this important and unique activity.

Fingerprints are unique. No fingerprints from two different people have ever been discovered that are the same. Even identical twins have different fingerprints.

1. Fieldtrip Idea and Activity: With the help of a police officer, private investigator, or other source, dust for fingerprints, or measure a footprint or tire track.

2. Find out how police departments used fingerprints, footprints, and tire tracks in solving crimes.

3. With permission of your parent/guardian, take part in the child identification program in your local community.

4. Study the history of fingerprints.

5. Learn what fingerprints can and cannot do.

Fingerprint Art:

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