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Grow Your Own Popcorn

October is National Popcorn Month, and even though most folks wouldnít consider planting popcorn in October, its neat to have the directions and be able to plan a fun and educational activity ahead of schedule!

Why not grow your own popcorn?! Check you local nursery, seed catalogs, and/or county extension office to see which type will grow best in your area.

Plant in a sunny location. A rich, sandy soil that drains well works best. Lots of compost with a high organic matter content will help the nitrogen loving popcorn plant to really grow.

Plant when you would normally plant sweet corn, just donít plant popcorn and sweet corn near each other in the garden so that they donít cross pollinate. Cross pollination will cause your popcorn to pop poorly and will make your sweet corn hard and tough to eat.

Plant seeds according to directions on their package. This usually will be in rows or hills two to three feet apart. Three or four rows, four or five feet long should produce enough popcorn to last a season. The plants should be set 12 to 15 inches apart in the rows, or three plants per hill.

In a hot climate, a mulch of grass clippings will reduce the amount of water needed by the popcorn plants.


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