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World War I: Trivia

Here are some lesser known facts concerning World War I. You could use these with a trivia-type game or any other educational game that has a question and answer format.

In 1914 all the khaki dye for the uniforms of the British Army was manufactured in Germany.

In 1900 Britain produced more coal than France, German, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Italy combined.

The American soldiers were called “doughboys".

Nick Muhall was the first American soldier captured.

AEF stood for the American Expeditionary Force.

Germans were the first to use chlorine gas. They also used mustard gas and vomiting gas.

Some U.S. recruits were from such remote areas that they did not know their birth dates and last names. The army assigned these men last names and birth dates.

Of the 129 children aboard the Lusitania, 94 died.

Each doughboy carried 200 rounds of ammunition, six boxes of hardtack, two cans of corned beef, and a one-quart canteen into the battle of Argonne.

Major Charles Wittlesey used homing pigeons to let the American troops know of their whereabouts. One such home pigeon, “Cher Ami,” was nearly shot to death but kept flying until it reached its destination.

Many U.S. soldiers died not of battle wounds, but of disease and exposure to the elements.

Seven hundred men who returned from the war had hands or feet amputated.

Within minutes of the cease fire, American and German soldiers were exchanging cigarettes, food rations, soap, belt buckles, and even some German army medals.

The one-square-mile of Belleau Wood was an old hunting preserve and was half the size of Central Park in New York City.


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