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Exploring Early America

Here’s a cool activity for use with an American history lesson. About the only thing you need is your imagination and a few simple research resources.

Pretend you have a time machine that can take you back to America’s early days. Choose a date between 1783 and 1899. Then use library books, encyclopedias, or other resources to help you do the following:

1. Draw or use a blank map outline to show what the United States looked like during the time period you chose. Label the states and territories. Include major physical features. Write the date at the bottom of your map.

2. Pretend you want to explore the country. Write a schedule for the places yo uwill visit during a one-week stay. Make a “postcard” of each of the places you will see during your visit.

3. Imagine that you have just come back from your journey. Draw pictures of three souvenirs you collected on your trip. Label the souvenirs and tell where you obtained them.


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