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My Own Christmas Cookbook

Who said writing assignments have to be boring or ordinary? Combine research skills, geography, handwriting or typing practice, and the holidays to create a high-interest and fun project.

This project is very simple. You can adjust it to make it more simple or more complicated to suit the age/grade level of the child(ren) participating.

First, have the child make a list of countries. Have them include the country that their family immigrated from, if possible.

Next have them research a Christmas recipe for each country on their list.

Note where they find each recipe (i.e., the name of the book, the family member they got it from, the website it came from, etc.). And make sure to include which country each recipe is for.

For each recipe, draw a picture of what the finished food will look like, or the ingredients, for each recipe.

Bind the recipes together and put a front and back cover on to create a book. Decorate the cover with original artwork, stickers, etc.

This is a wonderful keepsake or gift to share.

Variation: If you are working with a group, have each child bring in a favorite family holiday recipe. Make enough copies of each recipe for each child in the group. Bind each set together, along with a front and back cover, and let each child decorate their cookbook. Make sure the children put their names on the recipe(s) they bring in and put the date on the cover of the book along with the group name.


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