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Homemade Gifts:
Peppermint Candy Frames

This is a really fun craft that never somes out the same way twice. The kids really enjoy this one, but it needs supervision.

Supplies Needed:

2 bags of round peppermint candy
Nonstick cooking spray
Spray clear acrylic paint
Red felt Hanging ribbon or magnet


1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

2. Spray cookie sheets with cooking spray.

3. Arrange unwrapped peppermints into the desired shape on the pan. Space peppermints 1/8 inch apart. Do 3-4 frames at a time.

4. Carefully put pan in oven and bake 3-10 minutes, until mints melt into each other. WATCH VERY CAREFULLY! One minute they are normal and the next they are completely melted. Do not over-melt or the edges will bubble and become brittle.

5. Remove from oven and gently reshape and enlarge the opening of the frame by pushing the soft mint back with a spoon or point of a butter knife. If the mints are too hot they will stick to the spoon and if they are too cool they will be too hard to mold.

6. While warm, peel the frames from the pan using a thin-tipped knife.

7. Cool on the counter, moving occasionally to avoid sticking.

8. Spray frames with clear acrylic.

9. Insert photo and cover entire back with felt cut to fit.

10. Attach ribbon hanger under felt or attach a magnet onto felt.

Note: I highly recommend making a trial run with one frame first. Although these are very easy to make, timing is everything and everyone's oven varies.


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