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Children’s Book Week:
Grow A 'Bookstalk'

This is a wonderful reinforcement activity to go along with Children’s Book Week, the third week in November. Once you get the idea of the “bookstalk” you probably find many different variations that you can use in your space.

First, create a stalk using green butcher paper or white paper that has been colored or painted green. Put this in the corner of your space, possibly even next to your reading area or bookshelves.

Create “leaves” that are large enough for a child to write the title and author of a book on it. For each book they read, or have read to them, they will be able to add one leaf to the stalk.

Watch as your “bookstalk” fills out with leaves!

Other variations of this can be:

§ Construction paper leaves in fall colors attached to a limb that has been brought in from outdoors
§ Feathers on a turkey during the Thanksgiving season
§ Circles cut from construction paper that you can create a “bookworm” with. As you add circles (body segments), your bookworm will just get longer and longer.
§ Construction paper flowers added to a bulletin board “garden”
§ Ornaments on a Christmas tree


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