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Family Week

Families can come in many different shapes in sizes. The third week in November has been dedicated as “Family Week” by Presidential Proclamation, as a time to salute the contributions of the American family.

Suggested Reading Ideas:

Adoption is for Always
By Linda W. Girard

All Kinds of Families
By Norman Simon

Amelia Bedelia’s Family Album
By Peggy Parish

Butterfly Boy
By Gerardo Suzan

Celebrating Families
By Rosmarie Hausherr

A Chair for My Mother
By Vera B. Williams

Henry and Mudge in the Family Trees
By Cynthia Rylant

The Important Book
By Margaret Wise Brown

Long Ago and Today
A CTP Learn to Read series book

Love You Forever
By Robert Munsch

Activities Ideas:

A Mini Unit -- Genealogy

Using the book “The Important Book” by Margaret Wise Brown, show the child how to write about their own families using the sentence pattern from the book. For example:
The most important thing about my family is that they love me!
My family _______________________.
My family _______________________.
My family _______________________.
But, the most important thing about my family is that they love me!

Create a “My Family” book. Using photographs or the child(ren)’s original artwork, create a page for each member of their family, including a picture of the family member and a sentence about that person. This might be family members who live with them, or include family members who do not live with them. (For instance, I have a child in my Sunday School class who has a two biological parents, two step-parents, two brothers from her father and step-mother, two brothers from her mother and step-father, and four sets of grandparents. She includes all of these in her family, although they do not all live with her at one time.) After all the pages are complete, bind them together with a front and back cover made of construction paper. Allow them to decorate the cover. Include the title “My Family” on the front cover.

One way of celebrating Family Week is by have a day where there is not tv watched in the home. Instead, spend time together as a family reading, drawing, playing games, going to the park, taking a walk, or just talking. This encourages better communication between family members.


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