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Days of Winter - Mini Unit Study

This is a great activity that was shared with me by a gentleman that teaches in the classroom. Any group would have fun with this, including Sunday School, scouts, co-ops, etc.; but, its just as doable with individual children or family groups.


Have each child create an international holiday book.

Each day, study the holiday customs of a different place, and have the child(ren) write the frame On the _______ day of winter, my good friend gave to me _______________________. Have the child(ren) fill in the day and a traditional holiday item from that country. The child(ren) can draw pictures of the items and/or glue on construction paper replicas or actual items on their pages.

For example, students can glue on a pine branch for the Tannebaum of Germany, a piece of bark for the Yule Log of England, a piece of candy for a Mexican piņata, a flower petal for a Hawaiian lei, or a tiny felt stocking for the United States of America.

Have the child(ren) write on the last page On the _____ day of winter, we had a party to celebrate all of these countries.

As a culminating activity, you can have a party where the favorite foods and games from each country studied are sampled. You can also sing each page of your book to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas.


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