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Homemade Gifts: Puzzle Pieces Frame

Here's another fun and frugal homemade gift for the children to make. It uses up all of those puzzles with the missing pieces, so there is very little to purchase as far as supplies.

This makes a great gift any time of the year, not just for Christmas.


Several handfuls of miscellaneous puzzle pieces
Spray paint or craft paint
"Tacky" or craft glue
Spray clear acrylic paint (optional)
Hanging ribbon or magnet

First, scrounge through your toy bin and pull out all of those old puzzles with the missing pieces, or puzzles that the kids just refuse to play with anymore that aren't in good enough shape to give away.

Spray or brush paint both sides of the puzzle pieces you chose to use. The puzzle pieces don't have to be the same size. You could larger pieces on the bottom and build up the frame with smaller pieces on top to give it a three dimensional look.

Arrange your puzzle pieces into frames.

Carefully glue pieces together. Spray frame with clear acrylic if paint is dull. You may wish to spray paint to protect it whether the paint is dull or not.

Glue photo to back of frame and cover with back with felt.

Attach hanging ribbon, or craft wire for particularly large frames. You may also use magnets on the felt as hangers.


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