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How to Be A Good Scientist

Science can be a great subject to teach. It can be a great subject to learn. Its all in the presentation and reception. Here is a short and easy lesson to share with your child(ren) on how to be a good scientist.

1. Keep a science journal or lab book.
- Write down your observations.
- Draw pictures of your observations.

2. Design your own experiments to test a hypothesis. Make changes to existing experiments to see if you can come up with a different result.

3. Take your time with your experiments. Try not to hurry and try not to get frustrated. If your experiment doesnít work the first time, try again.

4. Donít worry about failing. Every scientist makes mistakes and fails sometimes. Sometimes failures raise questions that find new solutions Ö or create new inventions.

5. Keep things clean and put things away when you are done.

6. Stay organized.

7. Before you start any experiment:
- Read through the experiment first
- Gather all the materials you will need to do the experiment together before starting.
- Follow each step carefully
- Donít skip steps.

8. As you do your experiment(s):
- Observe and record your results.
- Be very accurate. Scientists must be accurate.
- Be careful. Work cautiously.
- Be neat. Keep your work and your work area neat.
- Be creative. Think of new questions and write them down.
- Make small changes in your experiment or equipment to see if the results are the same.
- Make up your own experiments to answer questions.
- Always have adult permission.
- Donít worry if you donít understand everything you see. There are always new things to discover.
- If your experiment doesnít work the first time, try again. Look for reasons.

It is also a good idea to have set and understood safety rules.


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