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The Wild Christmas Reindeer

This is a wonderful story that is beautifully illustrated. Jan Brett tells the story of Teeka, a wild reindeer trainer. While normally considered a holiday story, I would recommend this as a good read any time of the year.

Book Summary:

It is Teeka’s task to find and train the wild reindeer to drive Santa’s sleigh. She has never done this before and decides that being very firm and loud is the way to get the reindeer trained. To her dismay, the reindeer become more unmanageable each day. Eventually Teeka solves her problems.

Suggested Activities:

1. Gather books and pictures about reindeer. Discuss reindeer and where they live.

2. Make a list of facts about reindeer.

3. Discuss reality vs. fiction. Do reindeer really fly? Etc.

4. Discuss how and why Teeka changed.

5. Discuss manners. You could role play several situations. What do manners have to do with the story?

6. If this is a group activity, allow the children dramatize the book.

Other fun activities:

Learn about the Reindeer People who live deep in the Siberian Wilderness at Discovery.com.

Read Absulum the Reindeer Elf

Visit Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Alaska

Take the Reindeer Quiz

Have fun at Reindeer Election Central

Make Reindeer Cookies


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