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Gingerbread Mini Unit

Here is another wonderful mini unit from Sharon Estep. This one is on gingerbread and includes creative writing ideas, crafts, and several other activities!

Gingerbread Boy/Baby Mini-Unit

Jan Brett's website
Read “about Jan Brett”, at the bottom of the page, click on “watch Jan Brett videos” and choose “Gingerbread Baby”. Here she reads and draws the Gingerbread Baby.

On the homepage there are Gingerbread Baby crafts and activities.

Go to “site map” for all printable activities including: alphabet (theme), coloring pages, recipes, certificates, calendars, bookmarks, character masks, cross stitch patterns, flashcards, puppets, games, transfers and more…..

For FREE teacher guides from Jan Brett write to:
Jan Brett
PO Box 366
Norwell, MA 02061

Read “Gingerbread Baby” by Jan Brett; follow up with the “Gingerbread Baby Quiz”.

The History of Gingerbread
Good to use as a guide, for a discussion while making gingerbread

To incorporate Math, have children help with these yummy recipes:

Apple Gingerbread Cobbler

Different Gingerbread Recipes

All Kinds of Yummy Recipes

Lots of Yummy Gingerbread Recipes

A wonderful unit, focusing on math with a Gingerbread Man theme

More Craft Ideas

Scented Gingerbread Man Playdough Wreath

Items needed:

1 straw wreath (any size)
2 or 3 bags of potpourri
Cinnamon sticks
Apple/cinnamon playdough (mix 1 c. applesauce and 1 c. cinnamon to make a dough)
Gingerbread man cookie cutters
wiggley eyes
Other craft items to decorate gingerbread men with (construction paper, colored 3D glue pens, scrap material, etc.)
Ribbon or Bow


Cover wreath with glue and cover with potpourri. Let dry. Meanwhile make dough and cut out Gingerbread boy shapes and allow to dry. (May take a couple of days) When wreath is dry, turn upside down to shake excess potpourri off and then fill in bare spots and allow to dry. Next, decorate the gingerbread boys anyway you like and attach to the wreath, add ribbon or bow and stick in some cinnamon sticks and you have a beautiful, great smelling wreath for your door or anywhere in your home.

Life Size Gingerbread House

Items needed:

Great big box (like the ones refrigerators come in)
Construction paper


Cut out a door and windows. Don’t forget to leave a side for hinges so you can open and shut the door and windows.

Decorate with anything you like. Easy isn’t it????

Gingerbread Baby Creative Writing
Grades K – 3

1. Read any version of the “Gingerbread” stories.
When finished, write one or two paragraphs, changing the ending of the story. Have younger students “tell” you their creative endings and put them on sentence strips or write on board)

2. Draw and cut out gingerbread boy shaped book pages.

a. have students create a NEW Gingerbread story and illustrate


b. teacher writes story and allows younger students to illustrate book.

Gingerbread Baby Quiz (by Jan Brett)

Open book: optional. Use separate sheet of paper for answers.

1. What is the little boys’ name?

2. How long was the Gingerbread Boy suppose to bake for?

3. How long had the Gingerbread Boy baked before Matti peeked?

4. What popped out of the oven?

5. Who was the first one to try to catch the Gingerbread Baby?

6. Name three of the animals that chased the Gingerbread Baby.

7. What did the Gingerbread Baby always shout out, while being chased?

8. What were the two girl’s names that were standing by the well?

9. What did the Gingerbread Baby do to the two girls?

10. The fox could have gobbled up the Gingerbread Baby, but what did the fox do to let the Gingerbread Baby know he was behind him?

11. What did the Gingerbread Baby see in the middle of a clearing and covered with sugar and candy?

12. What did all the people and animals find in the clearing?

13. What had Matti made while everyone was chasing the Gingerbread Baby?

14. What happened to the Gingerbread Baby?

15. What do you think about the Gingerbread Baby story? (good, bad, ok) Why?

Gingerbread Baby Quiz Answer Sheet

1. Matti
2. Eight minutes
3. Five minutes
4. A Gingerbread Baby
5. Matti’s mother
6. Answers will vary: Cat, dog, goat, pig, fox
7. “Catch me if you can”
8. Martha and Madeline
9. He tied their braids together
10. He “licked his chops” or lips
11. A Gingerbread House
12. A few bits of frosting, a peppermint candy and some crumbs
13. The Gingerbread House for the Gingerbread Baby
14. Matti kept him in the Gingerbread house, where he was happy and safe.
15. Answers will vary.


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