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Ramona the Pest – A Mini Unit

Here’s are some activities to incorporate into a literature unit or reading of Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary.

Book Summary:

The story is about a five-year-old girl who is very excited because she just began attending Kindergarten. Most people consider her a pest because she is very inquisitive and tends to do things that are annoying to other people.

About the Author:

Beverly Cleary was born in 1916 and grew up in a farmhouse that was built by Oregon pioneers. Her mother started the first library in the nearby town. When she was just six years old her family left the farm and moved to the city and her life changed dramatically, affecting her outlook and enjoyment of school. When she grew up she became a librarian. Ms. Cleary based several of her books on incidences from her childhood.

Vocabulary Words:


Possible Activities:

1. Do you remember your first few days of school? Were you excited? Scared? Write a paragraph describing how you felt and some of the things that you did?

2. People think Ramona is a pest. Do you think Ramona is a pest? Why or why not?

3. Would you like to have Ramona as a friend? Why or why not?

4. If your friend is doing something to pester you, how do you respond?

5. When Ramona writes the first letter of her last name, a “Q,” she decorates it and makes it into a cat. Use the last letter of your name to create a design, animal, or other picture.


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