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Tracking the Wild Plant

All you have to do is look around you and you will see plants. Even in an office building you will still find a few plants here and there on desks.

And just like people, plants are very diverse. Have you ever tried to find the number of shapes, sizes, and colors of plants?

Create your own science journal, or just use plain paper and pencil, to write down the names of or draw pictures of all the different plants you see around your house, in your yard, on your street, or in your neighborhood. Here are directions for making your own Nature Journal.

First, take a walk and record the kinds and number of trees, flowers, shrubs and weeds you see in your walk.

Next, decide which plants you think are growing wild in your neighborhood. List them and write down what makes you think they are growing wild.

Then, decide which plants you think are domestic or plants that were planted there on purpose. List them and write down what makes you think they were planted on purpose and why.

Plants are important because they are one of the living foundations of our planet. Plants provide the oxygen that humans and animals require to survive.


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