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Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days

Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days is a very funny story by Stephen Manes. Milo, the main character of the book, winds up doing some pretty strange things to become perfect while following the directions in a “how-to” book he just happens to find.

Book Summary:

This is a funny story about a boy who finds a “how-to” book on how to be perfect in just three days. Following the instructions, he finds himself doing some pretty odd things, like wearing broccoli around his neck. The end of the story is appropriately funny and sweet.

About the Author:

Stephen Manes has written over a dozen books for children and young adults. His children’s books are humorous. He is more serious minded in his books for young adults.

Suggested Vocabulary:


Questions and Activities:

1. What were some of the things Milo did that made him feel he wasn’t perfect?

2. Why do you thing Milo didn’t explain his strange behavior by telling his family and friends about the book?

3. What was the most important thing that Milo learned from reading Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days?

4. Write a recipe for becoming perfect … just like a real recipe for cooking. Be creative!

5. Find out what self-esteem is. Can you have too little? Can you have too much? Why?

6. What about yourself to you like? What about yourself do you wish you could change? Why?

7. What do you think the moral of the story was? Why?


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