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Helpful Plants: Flowers

There are basically two main types of plants. There are non-flowering plants such as algaes, conifers, moss, grasses, etc. Then there are flowering plants. Most of the plants on Earth are flowering plants. There are over 18,000 varieties of orchids alone!

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Flowers are pretty and colorful. They use this to attract different insects and birds to their nectar. Honeybees use this nectar to make honey. The plants give but they also receive. The birds and insects that drink the honey help the plant get pollinated. This is how flowering plants reproduce.

One way of studying flowers is to collect them and then press and dry them. Hereís a project to use your flowers this way.

Project Supplies:

fresh flowers
paper towels
note paper
two or more heavy books
note cards

Project Directions:

1. First Ö remember to ask permission before you pick any flowers. Second, if you donít have fresh flowers available around you, you could also use fresh flowers that you buy at the grocery store or flower stand.

2. Lay the flowers on a piece of paper towel.

3. Lay a second paper towel on top of the flowers.

4. Place two or more heavy books on top of the towels and flowers.

Leave this set up for a week to press the flowers as flat as possible and to begin the drying process.

5. When they are pressed and dried, glue the flowers on to note paper or note cards.

You can give these as gifts if you donít want to use them for yourself. This makes a great adjunt project to teaching letter writing.


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