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Seeds and Fruit

Do you know what a fruit is? If you said something like a cherry, an apple, or an orange you were correct. But scientists have a little different definition of fruit than that. Scientists that study plants are called botanists. Botanists think that a peanut, green bean, and tomatoes are fruits as well.

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Once an ovary and pollen get together, the ovary in the flower begins to change into a fruit.

Fruits are usually those parts of the plants that package the seed in some way. Do you think seeds are always on the inside of the fruit? Think of a strawberry. Where are the strawberry seeds located?

Look in your refrigerator for some foods that might have seeds in them. Look at the different seeds and compare how they grow, how many seeds are in the fruit, and how different they look. You could also do this by looking in seed catalogs or in books from the library.

Here are some questions to ask to compare the seeds that you found:

1. Are the seeds visible without cutting into the food?

2. Which of the foods have seeds inside?

3. What color are the seeds?

4. What shape are the sees?

5. What do the seeds feel like?

6. What size are the seeds?

7. Do you think that the size of the seed determines the size of the plant or fruit?

Here’s a fun activity. Gather various seeds from different foods (i.e., apple seed, green bean, orange pip, pumpkin seed, etc.). You need to know which seed came from which food. See if other people can identify the food that a seed came from?


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