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Seeds Are Baby Plants

Seeds are just baby plants. They use the food surrounding them as they grow roots and stems. Here’s a cool project to illustrate this.

Project Supplies:

a bean or pea seed
a plastic sandwich bag
cotton balls
a permanent marker

Project Directions:

1. Label your bag with your name and the date that you start the project on.

2. Dip the cotton balls in water and place them in the plastic sandwich bag.

3. Place the seeds on the cotton balls so that you can see through the sides of the bag and see the seed laying on top of the cotton balls.

4. Give the bag some light, but not too much direct light or you could “cook” your bean.

5. Now watch the seed begin to grow a root and stem. Keep a science journal of what you see. Draw the seed and what it looks like each day. Label the parts you see.

When the plant shows roots and a stem, you can transplant it. Transplanting means taking it from one place and replanting it in another.

What you will need:

paper cup, milk carton, or flower pot
your rooting seeds
a ruler

What to do:

1. Fill your plant container with soil.

2. Plant your seed in the soil so that the root is pointing down and the stem is pointing up. Make sure your seed is just covered by the dirt and the stem is sticking out of the soil.

3. Gently water your new plant.

4. In your science journal, record the date that you replanted your seed/baby plant. Draw a picture of what it looks like on that first day.

5. Keep track of how your seed grows and what it looks like from day to day, including measuring it from time to time.


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