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Snowflakes and Sleet

Even if you don’t live where it snows you can still do a fun experiment to find out how snow falls. Some snowflakes are larger than others. Large snowflakes actually fall more gently and slowly than sleet that weighs about the same but seems smaller. Here’s an experiment to compare the two.

Question: Which falls faster, sleet or snow?

Write your hypothesis here:




Project Supplies:

a sheet of construction paper

Project Directions:

1. Cut your construction paper into about 30 squares exactly the same size.

2. Separate the squares into two piles of 15 squares each.

3. Leave one pile of squares as they are. These will represent your snowflakes.

4. Crumble each of the 15 squares in the other pile into little balls. These will represent your sleet.

5. Stand up as tall as you can, or stand on a stool or step ladder. In one hand hold your “snowflakes.” In your other hand hold your “sleet.”

6. Now drop your “snowflakes” and “sleet” at the same time by quickly turning both your hands over at the same time.

Which one hits the floor first? Why do you think this is?


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