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The Courage of Sarah Noble:
A Literature Mini Unit

This is a mini unit with some vocabulary and activities to use along with the classic book The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh.

Book Summary:

During the early 1700’s, an eight-year-old girl named Sarah, accompanies her father into the wilderness to build a house. Although many times she was frightened and wanted to be anyplace else than where she was, she kept her courage.

About the Author:

Alice Dalgliesh (1893 – 1979) was am educator, book reviewer, and author. She taught elementary school for 17 years and taught children’s literature at Columbia University. She wrote more than 40 books for children, several of which were Newberry Honor books.

Suggested Vocabulary:


Suggested Discussion Questions and Activities:

1. Do you think it was a good idea for Sarah to accompany her father on such a trip? Why or why not?

2. How might Sarah’s life have been different if she hadn’t gone into the wilderness with her father?

3. What was the most courageous think Sarah did?

4. What do you think would have happened to Sarah if something had happened to her father when he left her with the Indians and went back to get the rest of the family.

5. What did Sarah’s father mean when he said, “To be afraid and to be brave is the best courage of all?”

6. Look up the word “courage” in the dictionary and write the definition in your best handwriting and decorate the page with illustrations of what you think courage is.

7. Sarah went into the forest to cook for her father. Try your hand at some of these recipes:

Maple Candy
Snack in the Saddle Again
Taffy Pull
Turkey Jerky
Homemade Fruit Roll Ups
Indian Pudding
Homemade Sausage
Apple Butter
Sausage and Apple Rings

OR, you may like to try some of these other Pioneer activities.

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