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Apple Cinnamon Claydough

This is a really fun craft idea sent in by Jeannette Yager. I know Iím not the only one who loves the scent of apples and cinnamon! This is non-edible, but it sure smells tempting. These would also make cute and frugal gifts.

What You Need:

one part applesauce
one part ground cinnamon


Reminder: This dough is not for eating, but it sure smells great and makes great air fresheners!

Mix together thoroughly equal amounts of applesauce and cinnamon. After the two ingredients are thoroughly mixed you can roll the resulting dough out like sugar cookie dough and cut into shapes using a butter knife or cookie cutters.

Next, if you plan on hanging the shapes up after they dry, put a hole in the shape to string it through with ribbon with a drinking straw.

Remember though that uneven thickness of the piece will make air drying them thoroughly more difficult.

Lay creations on wax paper to dry for several days and place in a warm room.

When giving these as gifts you may wish to decorate them. Use your your imagination and after they are dry, seal in zipper plastic bags. You may want to sandwich between two pieces of cardboard & layer individually to prevent breaking.

These make great ornaments to hand on Christmas trees, or do like Iím doing and make shapes using a heart cookie cutter and give them as Valentineís Day gifts or favors.


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