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Can Animals Predict Weather?

Some people believe that animals can predict weather. Have you ever heard some of these sayings? Watch the animals around your home and see if you notice changes in their behavior with various types of weather.

Here are some signs that are supposed to mean that rain is on the way.

Frogs croak louder and longer than usual.

Dogs whine or act nervous and cats get frisky as kittens.

Roosters crow later in the day.

Birds fly lower to the ground and gather on tree branches and telephone wires.

Pigs squeal more and gather sticks to make a nest.

Cows sit down in the fields to feed. They run around the field with their tails high swatting flies before a storm.

Bees and butterflies seem to disappear from the flower beds they usually visit.

Red and black ants build up the mounds around their ant holes.

Fish jump out of the water to nip at low-flying insects.

Some crickets are said to chirp only when rain is on its way.

How many of these do you believe? Can you find any other ways animals are supposed to predict the weather?


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