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Freckle Juice: A Mini Unit

Freckle Juice is a story about a boy who wants freckles so his mother won't know if his neck is dirty. If she doesn't know it's dirty, he won't have to wash it. Here are some activities to use while reading Freckle Juice.

Book Summary:

Andrew wants freckles just like Nicky's. If Andrew had freckles, his mother would never know if his neck was dirty, so he wouldn't have to wash it. At school, Andrew decides to ask Nicky where he got his freckles. From there comes a whole slew of actions and consequences.

About the Author:

Judy Blume is a prolific writer for both children, teenagers, and adults. She put off starting her writing career to have a family. In 1969, she published her first book and continues writing today.

Suggested Vocabulary:


Freckle Juice Vocabulary Word Search Puzzle

Suggested Discussion Questions and Activities:

1. Which character in the story did you like best and why?

2. Would you have tried the freckle juice? Why or why not?

3. Do you think having freckles would have solved Andrew's problem?

4. In what ways do you think Andrew and Sharon are alike? How were they different?

5. Do you have freckles? If you have freckles, do you like them? If you don't have freckles, would you like to? Why or why not?

6. Draw a picture of yourself with and without freckles. Which picture do you like best and why?

7. Since the whole freckle issue started because Andrew didn't want to have to wash his neck, you may want to cover personal hygiene as part of this unit.

8. Cover the different physical characteristics that people have: tall, thin, short, not thin, straight hair, curly hair, different hair colors, different eye colors, different skin colors, etc.

9. Make up your own recipe for freckle juice. Why did you include the ingredients that you did?

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