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Velveteen Rabbit – A Mini Unit

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams is a classic and magical story. It is the only known book by Margery Williams but it has withstood the test of time. Here are some activities to go along with reading the book.

Book Summary:

The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic fable about a toy rabbit who becomes real with the help of a boy who loves him very much.

About the Author:

Margery Williams (1881 – 1944) was born in London, England but moved to the United States when she was nine years old. She was the youngest child and her family and basically grew up like an only child. Instead of regular playmates, she had animal playmates including some pet mice that she raised in her dollhouse. Ms. Williams became interested in writing when she was just 17, but she waited until after she had married, moved to Paris, and had two children before writing The Velveteen Rabbit.



Activities and Questions:

1. What were some of the things that Rabbit enjoyed doing with the Boy?

2. What were some of the things that Rabbit didn’t enjoy doing with the Boy?

3. Did the Rabbit become real as the Skin Horse had described the idea of real? How do your know?

4. How do you think the Rabbit felt when he met the real, live rabbits out in the woods?

5. A fact is something that can be proven as true. Is this story factual? Or is it made up? Or is there a little of both in the story? Give some examples of why you answered the way you did.

6. Write a story about your favorite toy coming to life.

7. Use carrots for making prints on paper.

8. Eat raw carrots just like real rabbits.

9. Draw a picture of what you think the rabbit's life was like after he became real and alive.


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