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Science Fun: How Does A Filter Work?

A water filter is used to remove pollution and other waste from water. Filters come in different levels, meaning they remove smaller and smaller objects or pollutant molecules from the water molecules. Filters can also remove solids from water. Here is a fun demonstration of this activity.

Demonstration Supplies:

2 baking pans
old handkerchief, small towel, or piece of cotton fabric
blocks, bricks, or other platform big enough for one of the pans to set on

Demonstration Directions:

1. Mix water and soil in one pan.

2. Place the pan of soil and water on your platform. Set your other pan below and to the side of the platform.

3. Drape the cloth from the soil water down to the empty pan. Let the water from the soil pan seep into the empty pan by way of the cloth.

Describe what happens. In your science journal write an explanation of why the water in the lower pan seemed clear and clean.

Another demonstration is to mix food coloring with the water before it is mixed with the soil. Follow the remaining instructions the same way.

Describe any signs of the food coloring getting into the water in the lower pan. If there are signs of this, why do you think this happened?

Please note: the water in the lower pan is not clean enough to drink. This is for demonstration purposes only.


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