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Construction Paper Clay

Construction paper clay is a great molding compound that you can sculpt. Lots of fun and you can create 3-D cards, ornaments, and lots of other fun projects.

Project Supplies:

2 cups of construction paper scraps (sorted by color)
4 cups of water
cup of plain flour

Project Directions:

1. Tear construction paper into small pieces.

2. Pour water and then add the paper scraps into a blender. Blend for 20 seconds or until the mixture turns into a pulpy mess.

3. Drain and squeeze excess water from the mixture.

4. Mix the flour and the remaining half cup of water into a small bowl until blended.

5. Slowly add the flour and water mixture to the paper pulp. Knead this all together until it forms a dough.

6. You can now take this clay and mold it just like you would any other clay or dough. Finished creations require one or two days to dry.


Try adding glitter or bits of confetti to the paper clay.

Try pressing the construction paper clay into candy molds, cookie cutters, or gelatin molds to create interesting and fun shapes.

Make 3-D greeting cards, pictures, gift package ties, and ornaments.

Mix two different finished colored construction paper clays for marble-like effects.


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