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John Adams

John Adams was the second US president. He was born October 30, 1735 in Braintree (later known as Quincy), Massachusetts. His presidential term was from March 4th, 1797 until March 3rd, 1801. He died July 4th, 1826.

Political Party: Federalist
Vice President: Thomas Jefferson
Name of his parents: John and Susanna Wife’s name: Abigail Smith
Yearly Salary as President: $25,000.00
Physical Stature: Five feet, seven inches
State of Birth: Massachusetts

“John Adams was the eldest son of a farmer, John Adams, and Susanna Boylston, of a leading Massachusetts family. He was a Harvard graduate. He taught school briefly before practicing law. Adams was a leader against British colonial policies. He relished every act of opposition toward the British, and yet his high principles led him to defend British soldiers for their part in the Boston Massacre. As a delegate to the Continental Congress he was an advocate of independence. He was on the committee that wrote the Declaration of Independence. His most successful act as a diplomat was having The Netherlands recognize American sovereignty. He felt the vice presidency was an ‘insignificant office.’ He was president during a controversial time, but kept the country out of war. Adams could be blunt, impatient, and vain, but he had strong convictions which in time have been proven right.””

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Trivia Questions:

1. What were the names of John Adams’ children? (Answer: John Quincy, Charles, Thomas, Abigail, Susanna)

2. How old was John Adams when he watched his son, John Quincy Adams, win the election. (Answer: 89 years)

3. What were John Adams’ last words before he died? (Answer: “Thomas Jefferson survives.”)

Of Note:

John Adams was the first president to live in the White House. President Adams and his wife moved in on November 1, 1800. (The White House was under construction during President Washington’s administration.)

John Adams was the first president to graduate from Harvard, but not the last.

Abigail Adams, President John Adams’ wife, brought the first piano to the White House.

John Adams (the second president) and John Quincy Adams (the sixth president) were the first father and son to be elected US President. The only other father and son duo is George Bush and George W. Bush.


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