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Celebrating Christmas:
Another Twelve Days of Christmas

Here is another version of the "ring and run" activity from article 2032

Choose a friend or neighbor and you leave the following on their door step (for the next 12 days)....ring the bell and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the 12th day, if you want you can be waiting at the door, when they answer the door bell.

Jamie Carter - Merry Christmas Blocks
Merry Christmas Blocks
Jamie Carter
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FIRST DAY: On this night you give a "Christmas greenery picture, with a bird on it.

Roses are Red
A pear is green
A partridge from friends
Who cannot be seen
Place your stocking
Outside every night
And your friends will
Appear from out of sight
We'll have to be tricky
Don't watch for us running
If you catch us too early
We might just stop coming!!!!

SECOND DAY: give 2 foil wrapped chocolate Santas

Two turtle doves would
Have brightened your day
Instead we bring Santas
'Cause the birds flew away

THIRD DAY: give 3 foil wrapped chocolate ornament balls (or chocolate eggs if possible)

As the story tells it
Three Hens you should get
But France is all sold out
So warm this "starter set"

FOURTH DAY: Give 4 small candy canes

The clerk where we went shopping
Must have really been insane
We asked for "calling birds"
What we got were candy canes

FIFTH DAY: Give 5 butterscotch lifesavers

On the fifth night of Christmas
(As everybody sings)
Your true friends will send you
Five golden rings

SIXTH DAY: Give 6 pack of root beer

A sixth night of birds
Would not have brought you cheer
So for merriment and laughter
What could possibly top rootbeer?

SEVENTH DAY: Give Hershey Kisses

Seven swans a swimming
All swam away,
So please accept these kisses
To close out your good day.

EIGHTH DAY: Give qt carton of chocolate milk & a straw

Because of the way
Inflation has hit,
Eight maids were unwilling
to do their bit.
It's up to you--
We wish you well.
Scarf with this straw
But do not tell!!!

NINTH DAY: Give 9 foil wrapped chocolate coins

We cannot find them anywhere,
We know that isn't funny.
You'll have to make your own fun do
And spend this on your honey.

TENTH DAY: Give small stocking with small small hard tack candy, sm. candy cane,cherry lifesavers.

The ten lords-a-leapin'
Were really leaping fast.
In fact, when I arrived there,
They'd all passed but the last.
I tried to catch up anyway,
The result was rather shocking.
Nine got away, but that's okay
I caught the tenth one's stocking.
The count down's coming fast, you know
Just two more nights to go
But if perchance you'll not be home
Please check the box below
We'd hate to miss the moment
So if you've plans to leave
Please indicate and let us know
You'll be gone on Christmas Eve.
___ We'll be home 'till ________ p.m., waiting with bated breath!!!!
___ We won't be home at all but we'll have bated breath!!!
___ We won't be home or have bated breath!!!!

ELEVENTH DAY: Give New Year's eve horn

Eleven pipers piping
Are really hard to find,
And so we bring this pipe to you
So you can blow your mind.
Eleven nights are down,
There's just one more to go
Tomorrow evening, if you're nice
Our faces we will show.

TWELFTH DAY: Give a plate of goodies

We told you that your Christmas friends
Would show themselves to you.
Born in the month, December,
That much is surely true.
We came of Christmas spirit
One evening
Born to bring the season's cheer
Then vanish out of sight.
The thing to now remember,
If you've had lots of fun
When next December rolls around
YOU make the nightly runs.
Make sure you pick your family
With tender, loving care
"Cause it's fun to get to know them,
And such special friendship share.


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