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Home Ec Project: Fabric Covers For Your Jams And Jellies Jar Lids

This is a cool project for summer time or gift-giving fun. Dress up the jars that you have all of your preserving results in!

Project Materials Needed:

Fabric Scraps
-- 7 1/2" circle for wide mouth jars
-- 6 1/2" circle for narrow mouth jars

PolyFill or stuffing (optional)

Narrow lace scraps (optional)
-- 1/4" or narrower elastic
-- 11" for wide mouth jars
-- 9" for narrow mouth jars


Project Directions:

Determine your jar size and cut the appropriate circles.

Trim the edges of the circle as desired. here are a few ideas to get you started:

Use pinking shears to trim the edges of the circle. Zig zag the edge of the circle and apply narrow lace or trim to the edges. If you have a serger, use the rolled hem feature to finish the edges. Leave the top plain or be creative. Small appliques or embroidery can be added to the center of the circle to really personalize the gift.

Fold your elastic in quarters and mark the fold lines. Fold the fabric circle in quarters and mark the fold lines. Mach the elastic and fabric fold lines, attaching the elastic 2" from the finished edge and stretch the elastic as you sew it.

Place a small amount of stuffing under the fabric before attaching to "puff" the top


You can find many appropriate fabrics for your canned goods. My local fabric store carries a whole line of gardening prints.

You can personalize the fabric to match the recipients dishes or kitchen.

Make them to match your kitchen and use the jars for dry goods on your counter.

Use them as a center piece, for example, various size jars with different colors and types of macaroni, with tomato print lids.


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