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Home Ec Project:
Make Your Own Soda Pop

Did you know that you can make your own carbonated beverages? Its quite simple and certainly better for you than the ones you buy on the grocery store shelves.

The benefits of making your own carbonated beverages are:

1. You chose the flavor. You are only limited by the number of unsweetened fruit juices you can find.

2. You decide how sweet something will be because you control the sweetening.

3. You don't have to worry about your drinks going flat before you use the container up because you can make them a glass at a time.

4. Since your drinks are fresh, you don't have to worry about added preservatives and colors.

Homemade Carbonated Soda


1 lg. bottle soda water
unsweetened fruit juice ice


Fill glass 1/2 way with juice. Add some carbonated water to taste and stir. Taste. If you want sweeter, add honey. Stir. Add ice if desired.


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