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Game Time: My Name Is...

Games are some of the easiest, and most fun, methods of learning or reinforcing thinking skills. Games are also a great method of exercising memory skills. This game focuses on memory skills. It is a great “getting to know you” game for groups.

Game Directions:

Players sit in a circle or a number of small circles, depending upon the size of the group. One player is asked to tell the group his or her name. They say, “My name is [INSERT NAME, FIRST AND LAST].” The player on their left then says. “Her name is [INSERT NAME]; my name is [INSERT THEIR OWN NAME].” Continuing on around the entire circle, until the last player in the circle tries to name all the people in the group. If a player cannot recall a name, others in the circle may help them, or they can be “out” and the game begins at the beginning with the person on the immediate left of the “out” person being the starting point.

For example:

The first person says, “My name is Betty Mills.” Then player on her left then says, “Her name is Betty Mills; my name is Mary Bryant.” The player on Mary’s left continues, “Her name is Betty Mills; her name is Mary Bryant; my name is Greg Richards.” The person on Greg’s left then says, “Her name is Betty Mills; her name is Mary Bryant; his name is Greg Richards; my name is Sean Smith.” So on, and so on.

The name can be made more complicated or easy by adjusting the number of players in the circle(s), using only first name or using first and last names, etc.

Variation:You could also make it even more interesting by have people using made up names, or names of story book characters in place of the players’ real names!


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