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Introducing the Letter I

Here are lots of good ideas from all over the place for introducing the letter I. Most of these activities use the across-the-curriculum approach. These ideas are not just for preschoolers, but can be used remedially for any level, and for teaching students whose first language is not English.

Lesson Ideas & Activities:

Play Hide the I. Cut a large, capital or lower case letter I out of poster board or construction paper. Hide the letter somewhere, either in the open and slightly camouflaged or near an object that would begin with the letter I. Let the child(ren) look for the letter. You can say getting warm as they get closer to finding the letter or you can clap faster or slower depending on how close they are to the letter.

Think of all the names that start with the letter I: Ignacio, Isis, Irene, Ichabod, Isabel, Ilene, etc.

Pretend you are on a treasure hunt. Find things around the house that start with the letter I that could be the treasure.

Create your own book. You could make a picture book by letting them cut pictures of things that start with I out of magazines or they could draw their own pictures.

Go on a make believe trip to cities, countries or continents that begin with the letter I. Some examples could be Italy, Italian Riviera, Iceland, etc. You could find these on a globe or map, pretend to take an airplane trip there and then sample foods from that area or learn something new about that geographic area. This would be a great way to introduce geography and map skills. You could also watch a video or tv broadcast about that area. Check your local library for what’s available.

The the sign for the letter I in the American Sign Language. Here is a helpful site:
American Sign Language
a printable page for ASL

Make different kinds of homemade modeling clays and actually shape the letter Ii with it. Some of these “clays” are edible and add even more fun to this activity. Some examples are:
Marzipan Clay
Frosting Clay
Sand Clay
Cheese Clay
Chocolate Fudge Clay

Or, you could make letter shaped cookies or pretzels using any of the cookies doughs that you normally bake or purchase from the grocery store.

Play a guessing game called “I’m Thing of Something” using words that begin with the letter I. You might use such words as icicle, ice, ink, inchworm, etc.

Practice writing the child(ren)’s initials. See how fancy you can make them.

Make icicles. You can make them from paper or aluminum foil and hang them in the edge of a book case or door. Or you can make Popsicle icicles by freezing koolaid or juice in the freezer.

Practice imitating. Try imitating animals, people, plants, etc. This can be a very fun and active game.

Learn to use an iron and let them iron a small item of clothing or bedding.

Learn an Indian dance. This could be a dance from the country India, or a traditional Native American (incorrectly called “Indian”) dance.

Learn to measure inches.

Make Kick-the-Can Ice Cream

At this website there are so many activities that they are hard to keep track of. Mrs. Alphabet also has a newsletter that you can subscribe to. Mrs. Alphabet

Letter Ii
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I from the Preschool Rainbow

Coloring Pages for Ii:


Prepared Lesson Plans:

Alphabet Quilt
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Check here:

Snacks or Treats:

Ice Cream
Icey Pops


Dr. Suess’s A B C

Any book from the library on a Ii theme listed above would be a good addition.

Words: Check the ideas above for Ii words.


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