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American Revolution Timeline

Studying the American Revolution is an excellent history project. To help organize your study, its always handy to let the child make their own timeline. You get to see “the big picture” and how a single event relates to other events going on in history around the same time frame.

Timelines were also a favorite teaching tool of Charlotte Mason, but you don’t have to be using the classical approach, nor Ms. Mason’s natural methods, for your children to benefit from this activity.

This is just one example of making a homemade timeline, you can make your own just as inexpensively using your own creative ideas.


There are of course, more events than those listed below. This will just give you a good outline to help jumpt start your studies.

Pre-Revolutionary Events of Note:
March 5, 1770 - The Boston Massacre took place
December 16, 1773 - The Boston Tea Party took place
May 10, 1775 - Ethan Allen and Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga
August 14, 1775 - Gunpowder stolen from British in Bermuda for General Washington

April 19 - Minutemen and redcoats clashed at Lexington and Concord.
June 17 - The British drove the Americans from Breed's Hill in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
July 3 - Washington assumed command of the Continental Army.
November 13 - The patriots occupied Montreal in Canada.
December 30-31 - American forces failed to seize Quebec.

February 27 - The patriots drove the Loyalists from Moore's Creek Bridge.
March 3 - The Continental Fleet captured New Providence Island in the Bahamas.
March 17 - The British evacuated Boston.
July 4 - The Declaration of Independence was adopted.
August 27 - The redcoats defeated the patriots on Long Island.
September 15 - The British occupied New York City.
October 28 - The Americans retreated from White Plains, New York.
November 16 - The British captured Fort Washington.
December 26 - Washington mounted a surprise attack on Trenton.

January 3 - Washington gained victory at Princeton.
August 6 - The redcoats forced the patriots back at Oriskany, but then had to evacuate.
August 16 - The patriots crushed the Hessians at Bennington.
September 11 - The British won the battle of Brandywine.
September 19 - Gates' forces checked Burgoyne's army in the First Battle of Freeman's Farm.
September 26 - The British occupied Philadelphia.
October 4 - Washington's forces met defeat in the Battle of Germantown.
October 7 - The patriots repulsed the British in the Second Battle of Freeman's Farm.
October 17 - Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga.
December 19 - Washington's army retired to winter quarters at Valley Forge.

February 6 - The United States and France signed an alliance.
June 28 - The Battle of Monmouth ended in a a draw.
July 4 - George Rogers Clark captured Kaskaskia.
Dec. 29 - The redcoats entered Savannah.

February 25 - George Rogers Clark captured Vincennes.
June 21 - Spain declared war on Great Britain.
July 15 - Anthony Wayne's troops stormed Stony Point.
September 23 - John Paul Jones' Bonhomme Richard captured the British ship Serapis.

May 12 - Charleston fell after a British seige.
July 11 - French troops arrived in Newport to aid the American cause.
August 16 - The British defeated the Americans at Camden.
October 7 - American frontiersmen stormed the British positions on Kings Mountain.

January 17 - Patriots won a victory at Cowpens, S.C.
March 15 - Cornwallis clashed with Greene at Guildford Court House, N.C.
September 15 - The French fleet drove a British naval force from Chesapeake Bay.
October 19 - Cornwallis' army surrendered at Yorktown.

March 20 - Lord North resigned as British prime minister.
July 11 - The British evacuated Savannah.
November 30 - The Americans and British signed a preliminary peace treaty in Paris.
December 14 -The British left Charleston.

April 19 - Congress ratified the preliminary peace treaty.
September 3 - The United States and Great Britain signed the final peace treaty in Paris.
November 25 - The British left New York City.


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