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High-Interest Writing Ideas
for Older Kids

Ever heard, "Why do I have to write anyway?!" or "I can't think of anything to write about!!" Here are some high-interest writing ideas to use with your children.

1. Write a short article on a subject that really interests you using the following steps:

* First, explore the subject you are writing about. Use the library, explore the Internet, and talk to people who have knowledge related to your subject. Take notes and jot down your ideas based on your research.
* Develop an outline. Make certain you have the main story points you want to cover. Then add the secondary items that will increase interest in your story.
* Designate a time and place to write. Establish a routine and stick to it. The discipline of a set schedule may help your writing the way physical exercise helps your body.
* When you have written a first draft, have someone read it. Use any constructive ideas to help you write the second and/or final version of your article.

2. Write a short biography of a famous person or someone you admire. Begin by preparing a timeline of outstanding incidents and events in the person's life. Include color anecdotes as well as important facts about your subjects achievements.

3. Be a publishing entrepreneur. Working with a small group, plan and create a literary newsletter or magazine. Include video and book reviews, essays, cartoons, editorials, sports articles, and photographys and/or drawings.

4. Be a medical or scientific journalist. Select a medical or scientific topic to write about. Look into new research into today's illnesses and diseases, environmental links to illnesses, medical breakthroughs, etc.


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