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High-Interest Activities
for Older Reluctant Readers

Its not just the younger student who can be a reluctant reader. There are many older children and teens who are reluctant readers as well. These ideas will give you some activities to use to peak their interest and sneak in some reading activities without them feeling pressured to perform.

1. Consider the following categories of books and decide which is your favorite: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama. Prepare a creative project that illustrates why this is your favorite type of book. The project may be in the form of an oral presentation, illustrated panels, and “interview” with one of the characters, etc.

2. Learn the meaning of these literary terms, and find examples of at least five of them: allegory, alliteration, antagonist, blank verse, climax, conflict, comic relief, figurative language, flashback, gothic novel, haiku, irony, interior monologue, parable, proverb, protagonist, poetic justice, setting.

3. have you ever read a book in which the author seems to be “reading your mind?” Think of a challenge or new even in your life, such as moving to a new home, changing school settings, trouble with a sibling. Find a book in the library that addresses a challenge like yours and read it. Analyze how the book’s characters cope with their situations. What can you learn from them? Discuss the role of literature in enhancing life’s experiences with friends or family.

4. Dramatize a scene from a book for an audience. Provide background information so that the audience understands the scene.

5. Form a book club with three or more people. All members should read the same work and come together at arranged times to share ideas and to exchange viewpoints.

6. Read two or three magazines on any subject. Read each issue for at least two months, and discuss the most interesting articles.


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