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Science Fun: Solar System Song

Here is a fun activity for teaching the order of the planets in our solar system. When information is memorized through music, it generally gets transferred to long term memory easier.

Solar System Song
sing to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

The Sun

I am sunshine in the center.
I am hot and churning.
Life on earth depends on me,
So I must keep on burning.

Chorus (repeat after each verse)

Round and round the sun we go,
Never stop or slowing.
Gravity pulls us around,
So we must keep on going.


Mercury is mostly iron.
It is small and dusty.
Hot in daytime, cold at night,
There’s no air to be gusty.

(repeat chorus)


Venus is the next in line,
The size of Earth but drier.
Poison gas keeps in the heat.
It is hot like a fire.

(repeat chorus)


Earth has water, air, and land,
Animals and plants, too,
A moon that travels round each month
And weather we can live through.

(repeat chorus)


Mars is very bright and red.
It's also dry and cold.
Some day you might visit Mars
If you are really bold.

(repeat chorus)


Jupiter, the distant giant,
Has a famous red spot,
Sixteen moons the last we knew -
We really need to learn a lot.

(repeat chorus)


Rings of dust and ice and rock
Surround the gaseous Saturn.
Interesting ‘cause it makes heat
And glows just like a lantern.

(repeat chorus)


Fifteen moon and Uranus
Travel around the sun, too.
Cold and cloudless, also dark,
A thin ring sometimes shows through.

(repeat chorus)


Neptune’s a planet faraway.
We have only learned a small bit.
Four times larger than the Earth,
Two moons orbit ‘round it.

(repeat chorus)


Pluto makes the longest trp --
Two-hundred-forty-eight years
To orbit round the sun it takes,
With “partner” Charon traveling near.

(repeat chorus)

Nine planets that we know about,
And moons that orbit with them.
Asteroids and meteors
Make up the solar system.

Round and round the sun we go,
Never stop or slowing.
Gravity pulls us around,
So we must keep on going.


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