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Game Time: Authors

This is a great learning game that can also be a cooperative game. All you need are pieces of paper for the equipment.

Equipment: Pieces of paper, one for each player, with a different author's name written on each one; pins

Directions: An author's anme is pinned on each player's back. No player knows what name she or he wears and just find out by asking questions that can be answered by "yes" or "no." For instance, "Am I living? Am I American? Am I a man? Do I write detective stories?" The winner is the first player who riases their hand and correctly identifies themselves. The cards may be shifted after a round has been played.

Variation: The group is divided into two teams. Team A wears cards with names of prominent authors, living or dead. Team B wears cards with two or more titles of works by these authors. Each player tries to find one of the titles of their author within a stipulated time.


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