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Jehovah's Giants:
A Dinosaur Unit Study - Lesson 1

This is Lesson One of Cheryl Lazarus' dinosaur unit. I highly suggest that you read the Introduction before beginning the lessons.

Lesson #1


Plain Paper

Open with prayer - and read the new memory verse together:

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth . Genesis 1:21a

Begin the lesson by creating an interest in the topic of dinosaurs. Ask your students what they know about dinosaurs. This will usually generate a good discussion. Let them tell you everything they know. Keep encouraging them until you have at least 10 "facts". Take notes and make a list of what the students say for future reference. Have fun with this - get animated and ask them if they have ever seen a real dinosaur like T-rex. Ask them how they know there really were dinosaurs if they have never seen one. Most kids will be able to tell you it is because we have found their bones (fossils). Be sure to congratulate them and tell them they are right!

Now that they have told you what they already know, ask them what they would like to find out about dinosaurs. Make a list together with the children. Keep talking with them until you have at least 8 questions. Some of their questions may surprise you - do not attempt to answer any of the questions at this point. The goal is just to gather the questions. Have the children copy their questions onto a sheet of paper. They should keep their list of questions in their notebook and add other questions as they think of them. Tell them that together you will search and find the answers to their questions and that they will make their very own book all about dinosaurs.

Since we want to start our book at the beginning we first need to find out where dinosaurs came from. To find out, read Genesis 1-2:25 (older children can read parts aloud to you). Stop as necessary to discuss the story and answer any questions. Ask the children which days God created the dinosaurs - remember there are marine and flying reptiles too. Genesis 1:21 tells us the creatures of the sea and air were created on the fifth day and land creatures on the sixth day (Genesis 1:24).

Look up any unfamiliar words. (Dominion - Subdue)

Have the children create the cover page for the book. They should make an illustration with crayons of either the fifth or sixth day of creation and create a title for their book. Encourage children to be creative. (Note: This work can later be arranged into another portion of their book as children gain skills in drawing dinosaurs - or can become the inside cover illustration).

Take a dinosaur break - see if you can run as fast as an Ornithomimus might have.

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