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Jehovah's Giants:
A Dinosaur Unit Study - Lesson 2

Cheryl Lazarus
reprinted with permission

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Dinosaur cards

Write this weeks Bible verse at the top of a new page for handwriting practice. Remind children to use their best penmanship. If they do not, they will have to write the verse again. Praise them for their work and have them correct any errors. Have the children say/read the verse again and tell you what it means. Put verse into notebook.

Have older children write the first draft of the creation story in their own words. If necessary help them with some ideas or re-read parts of the creation story to them. Remind them to include dinosaurs in their story as well as other parts of the creation that interests them. Younger child narrates to you and then copies what you wrote for him or her.

Teacher reviews writing and explains errors.

When work is error-free, the teacher can then type the verse and story on a word processor
put work into the sheet protectors for safekeeping. (Note: the children really love having their stories typewritten. When I do this, I leave space on the typewritten page for them to draw a picture. I also keep their hand written work with my records.)

Get out the dinosaur cards. See how many dinosaurs the children can name by sight. Read the names. Have the children categorize the animals by land dwellers, flying reptiles or marine reptiles. Ask them why they made the choices they made. Have them tell you which day of creation God made each one. Re-read Genesis 1:21 and Genesis 1:24 if necessary. Find out which one is their favorite and read the information on the back of the card with them. Help them learn to say the name correctly. Point out any phonics rules that will help them read the name of their favorite animal. (Silent p, f sound of ph, th blend or hard sound of c, etc). Explain why understanding phonics can be so helpful to them, especially when decoding large words like dinosaur names.

Vocabulary word: classify

Clean up and put everything away.

Share it. Have the children share what they have learned and the pages they have made so far with someone. (Dad, friend, neighbor or a grandparent, etc).

What they already "know":

What they want to find out:

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