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Jehovah's Giants:
A Dinosaur Unit Study - Lesson 6

© Cheryl Lazarus
reprinted with permission

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Adam to Abraham sheet
Construction Paper (brown, green and white)

Open with prayer - and read the memory verse together:

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth…. Genesis 1:21a

Read chapter 5 of Genesis. Before you begin reading ask the children to pay special attention to what you are saying to see if they can figure out what God is trying to tell us. When you get to verse 14 stop and ask them if they notice any patterns in the story so far. Ask if they know what begat means, if they do not, use this time to explain it to them. Answer any other questions they may have and be sure to point out the ending of each genealogy ("and he died"). Continue reading until verse 24, ask them if they notice anything different about this verse - if not, read it again and explain that Enoch did not die like the others but God took him. Just as God took Enoch before the flood, He will someday "take us" before the coming Judgement - God's promises are faithful and true. Notice also that Enoch walked with God - we as Christians today are walking with God. Continue reading the rest of the chapter. Ask the kids if they have any ideas on why the Lord would have told us all of these things. Why did he tell us how long all of these men lived? It is like a puzzle or a code that God gave us, so we would always know the truth. Let's see if we can figure it out. Hand out the "Adam to Abraham" sheet.

Explain how the sheet works (see sample). Have each child read the referenced verses to find the number that should be written on the sheet. Continue reading the verses and writing down the numbers. Stop when you get to "Noah to the Flood". Let's add up the numbers now! Add the first two numbers and have the children write the total down in the first column (as shown). This will be where we keep our "running total". Write the problems down on the chalkboard and keep adding the next number. Have the children do the math - 1 step at a time. If you are adding 187 + 182 have the children tell you what 7 + 2 is, then 8+8 then 1+1+1, until the problem is solved. Older children can do the math on their own. After you have done a couple of problems, explain to the children what a running total is. When you get to "Noah to the Flood" explain the number of years it took from the Creation of Adam, until the Judgement of the Flood. It didn't take too long and certainly NOT millions of years. Continue adding to the end of the sheet, having the children read the verses to find the numbers. Then continue with the running total until you reach the end.

Explain that God put these numbers of years in the Bible so we would know that the world is not millions of years old. God has told us everything we need to know, right in His Word! We just have to look and study His incredible Word to find the answers. As we continue through the study we will keep adding the genealogies until we reach Jesus. Put completed worksheet in book.

Explain that this chapter also gives us the "family tree" from Adam to Abraham. If the children do not understand what a family tree is, explain by writing a short example of their family tree on the chalkboard. Have the children make their own "family tree" out of construction paper and glue.

Clean everything up.

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